Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Permission Form 1

This email is evidence of our group asking for permission to film in the schools drama departments room as a black studio due to them having minimal levels of natural lighting and being a prime location for a black studio set.  The reply to this email was them saying the rooms are busy.

Talent Release Form

This is a talent release form for our performer Rae, it is permission to publish a music video with Rae performing.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Test Shots

Test Shots. from Jacob Sedgwick on Vimeo.
This is our groups test shots, in these shots we are experimenting with lighting, camerawork, performance and editing techniques. For example we experimented with a "mirroring-closing together" technique this was because we have seen other successful music videos use it and we were seeing how we would  use it.

Final Animatic

Final Animatic from George Dennehy on Vimeo.

This is our groups Animatic, simply it is what our music video will hopefully look like but in picture format using montage editing, however all the cuts to the beat of the music is still there. There are three separate locations used in the music video; a white background studio, black background studio and a party scene. Most of the shots are desaturated, black and white in the studio locations. The party shots are in colour this is so we can help differentiate between locations therefore making the editing more interesting and making the video overall aesthetically pleasing. We have used a graphic match in the party scene this is to simply add effect and make the video more interesting. Extreme paced cross cutting is used between the white and black studios at the speed of the music to make the video look aesthetically pleasing.

Shooting Schedule

Monday, 14 October 2013

CD Cover

This is our groups CD cover, I named the group GRJ because it is the most relevant and unique it is an anagram of George, Rae and Jacob. The front cover represents a still image of Rae waiting at a platform of a tube station with the tiled wall and logo behind her, she is alone and tired due to it being early in the morning because of the night out she had. The inside cover has an image of our group this is to identify to the audience who we are. The idea of using the tube station platform theme is because it is authentic and relates to the house music genre because normally young people travel home from clubs where they sometimes listen to house music.


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Location Shots

Train Station:

This is an image of a train station, we as a group believe it would be a great location to film in due to the mise en scene, popularity and stereotypes. We think it would be great to add at the end of the music video because it could represent the performer travelling home in the morning.