Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dark Room Lighting Experiment

In the shot below we filmed in a dance studio which was used as a dark room effectively, this allowed us to experiment with dynamic lighting using a spotlight and a cover over it. Then we used the cover to allow certain amounts of light to be released and projected onto our performer Rae, at the same time we were moving the light in the movement of the music.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Album Cover Test Shots

These images were shot in monochrome and we used very urban areas to take the images however we have no advertising etc. in the background, this symbolises our artist's persona as very authentic and under the radar.

Permission Form 2

This is evidence of permission to film in our School and Jacob's house.

Test Shots Dynamic Lighting

This shot is suppose to be in a dark room with minimal if any natural light. However today we were unable to achieve this so we used a room which had moderate levels of natural light, we did this because we were trying to experiment with dynamic lighting rather than static, we tried to achieve this through using desk spotlights and moving them in a vast array of directions to achieve something that was aesthetically pleasing.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

White Studio

This was our first white studio however the white screen in the background needed to be changed as it did not provide the space Rae needed to perform.

This resulted in us ironing a sheet and stapling it to the cupboards to give a white studio effect, we needed to iron the sheet because it had a lot of creases and if it was left it would've looked like the music video was an amateur approach.

In this image you can see the various type of lighting we used, for example spotlights, work lights and a soft box, this was mostly static lighting.