Thursday, 11 July 2013

Analysis of Green Day American Idiot

This shot is a long shot from a low angle and this symbolises rock culture because they want to be seen as scary. In this shot the set is located in an abandoned warehouse this symbolises rock culture because they like to be different.

This shot is a close up and is used in the music video to convey connotations of rock culture through the mise en scene of the shot, for example the singer in this shot has black hair and black makeup this represents the gothic culture because they like to be seen as scary. 
This shot is an establishing long shot because it sets the scene of the singer being on their own against the rest of the world, the mise en scene in this scene represents rock culture because a guitar is present and the theme of darkness is there.
In this shot the singer is performing directly into the camera and is dancing to the music , the band itself is performing a very energetic performance they show this through playing their instruments and dancing this shows how much they want to emphasise that they want to be known for who they are and that is rockstars.

This shot is an extreme long shot and is used to show the audience where they are performing and recording their music video at this gives the audience an insight into the rockstar lifestyle. This shot has been edited using special effects this is a convention of a rock video because it keeps the audience alert and interested.

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