Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Analysis of John Newman- Love me again

This is the introduction to the music video it is making the audience aware of the scene, situation and characters.

In this scene the artist is performing directly to the camera causing a narrative to be made a relationship is formed between the artist and audience it is like the artist is trying to tell the audience his story.

In this scene there is cross cutting between the artist and the two characters he is singing about, the first character is an attractive female which is another convention of this music video and the other character is the man who receives all the attention from everyone who is maybe going out with the girl he likes so he is jealous.

This scene of the music video is the chorus and he starts off singing alone and then everyone starts singing it is repeated four times the chorus may symbolise his passion and energy he has about the situation he is in with the woman he loves.

In this last scene the narrative really develops through using cross cutting and cutaways involving the three main characters, in the end the man got the girl so John started passionately singing to show his emotions and to express how upset he was, then the new to be couple ran out in the road and got hit by the truck this may represent and symbolise as John driving the truck to express his feelings.

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