Monday, 2 September 2013

Analysis of Pop Video 1

This media product is a promotional video this is indicated through the use of cinematography, editing, sound, mise en scene, performance etc.

An example of a cinematography technique used was the fast paced editing, for every close up there was another shot from a different angle this all added to the overall effect of the media product making it look finished and professional representing the time and money spent. An editing technique used which attracted my attention was the long take of 50 seconds where the camera is just following Jessie walking onto the set, this attracted my attention because I have never really seen something like this in a music video this added to the overall professional look of the media product. Another editing technique which interested me was the use of black and white this meant the editors could captivate the watchers attention. The mise en scene used was of a high budget for example the set it was recorded in you can see all the expensive equipment, Big Sean is wearing a fur coat this symbolises that he isn't part of the norm which reflected his attitude in the video.

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