Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Low Budget Ideas

The Fix - Just got paid:

What I liked about this music video was the performance by the artists. The dance routine with the spotlights behind them made it look very professional. From watching this music video and similar high budget videos I could see that the group had conducted a lot of research in that area. The used a great range of locations which I have seen The Wanted use before in their music videos so they adapted their ideas to base it around the limited budget they had. What I also noticed was each artist had their own shot of themselves only lip syncing this is another idea they have adopted from other boy bands. Through the shots with only the one artist n lip syncing you as the audience could really concentrate on the artist meaning you could notice any mistakes, so I could tell the artists had rehearsed the song a lot because they were very confident in front of the camera.

A Ha! - Imogen Heap:

The main element I liked about this music video was that it was different, the group could've of gone with the norm lip syncing and dance routines however this group didn't they took a risk in an area of music videos which isn't well publicized however they produced a great professional looking music video. However I didn't really like the music video due to I couldn't see clearly the artist lip syncing the song, also I found the music video very confusing and hard to understand however I did like the special effects the music video used.

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