Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Analysis of Pop Video 2

This media product fits many conventions of a music video for example all the artists appearing in the music video also another convention this video uses is the music video has a constant themed area based around the video. I like the editing techniques used for example the computer generated image of the fire and also the eyeline matches used for example when Justin is looking into space and then it shows he is looking at the dancing girls in bed sheets. I am drawn to the attention of these editing techniques because they interested me and I found them captivating my attention.

Many mise en scene techniques are used throughout this music video, a great example of one of them is both artists have necklaces on show, Jay Z's necklace is big and loud which reflects him for example he raps "I got psycho bitches in my lobby" compared to Justins's necklace which is quiet and reserved which reflects his lyrics "one day you care, your so unfair".

Also when analysing their performance I found them to be two different personalities I found Justin danced as he was very open. Below is a screen shot of him performing and is my favourite shot because it is very clear what he is singing about.

Compared to Jay Z who thinks he is very cool but in his performance he comes across as someone who is closed this is shown through his body language.

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