Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Analysis of Rock Video 2

This media product fits many conventions of a promotional video for example the artists are lip syncing however the location doesn't change throughout the video, there is different angles but all in the same location. The cinematography used in this video suits the genre because there are many close up shots to show their facial expressions and due to the stereotypical rock genre the artists aren't ecstatic or happy this is shown through their performance.

Editing techniques are used to represent conventions of promotional video; for example a match cut is used when the main artist of the band is singing and then a shot of another band member is shown playing their instrument and then it cuts back to the main artist of the band lip syncing.

The performance of the band members/ artists was fairly simple, throughout the performance there wasn't a convivial atmosphere. The performance wasn't exactly exciting this maybe also down the fact of limited editing techniques used for example there wasn't any interesting computer generated images or special effects.

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