Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Analysis of Rock Video 1

This media product has many conventions of a stereotypical music video, however throughout all the verses where the artists are lip syncing it is in the same location of a function room.

One main convention of music videos which most genres have in common is fast paced editing to the beat of the song, this media product adopted this convention, this made the music video aesthetically pleasing to watch because it was flowing. Fades were also used to transition to the cutaways. The cutaways reflected the concept of the song about special women who they miss, the reasoning of this was the women would slowly go away symbolising what happened to them; women left them.

The mise en scene was very stereotypical of the rock genre relating to the colours used mostly dark and red these symbolise death and love, the concept of the rock song was love which is very stereotypical of rock bands.

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