Thursday, 26 September 2013

Song Details

Hot Natured ft Anabel Englund - Reverse Skydiving (Shadow Chid Remix)

The song we have chosen is Reverse Skydiving we chose this because we analysed its music qualities for example the beat and the lyrics. The beat in this song was ideal for editing so we could represent and portray the genre of house music well. The lyrics of the song are also great for implementing a great effect towards the mise en scene. The climax and the anti-climax of the song allows great potential when editing the video we as a group can experiment with effects trying to work with the beat of the song. We chose the genre of House music because it was different, unique and has potential. House music is usually played in clubs this means it can be danced to by most people and most people listen to it unintentionally, so through us making a music video for it we will be representing House music in a different light.

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