Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Record Labels

Higher State Records:

Founded: 1992
Founder: Mark Dillon and Patrick Dickins
Genre: House Music
Location: London
Big Release: M1 - Electronic Funk

The logo is very simplistic but effective. The background of the logo is a blue sky with clouds in this may represent or symbolise that Mark Dillon and Patrick Dickins may think they're music Gods. The font styles
are very dated when in conjunction with the colours of the text it appears very bland.

Fresh Records:

Founded: 1985
Founder: William Socolov
Genre: Hip Hop, House Music and Electronic
Location: New York City
Big Release: Unfinished Business - Please listen to my demo

The logos colours are very simple however it looks professional the navy blue gives this appeal, the design of the logo is interesting and effective because the colours blend in with each other this is a great use of graphics to give this design, I personally like this design due to the colours and font styles used.

Paradax Records:

Founded: 1999
Founder: DJ Dax and Dwayne Taylor
Genre: Dance and Deep House
Location: Los Angeles, California
Big Release: DJ Dax and Dwayne Taylor - Soul Soul

The logo is very abstract and individual this may reflect the two founders personality or music taste. The colours used; black and white are a timeless classic when used in conjunction with each other they both reflect the design of the label as simple but effective. The font styles used are eye catching because both bold and italic have been used, I personally think the logo is is bright and eye catching, however I prefer Fresh Records logo.

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